Putting Children First

This principle helped guide the creation of every aspect of the Orange Ruler program. We operate under the idea that there is nothing more important than helping children learn to believe in and value both themselves and others.

We believe that successful fundraisers are much more than the generation of profits alone, and this is never more important than when children are so involved. The Orange Ruler program emphasizes the positives of fundraising to children because, at its core, fundraising is all about people working together for a common good.

After speaking with many parents, teachers and educators, we learned how fundraising programs can significantly impact children, both in a positive and a negative sense. We combined these learnings with our own 15+ years of educational fundraising experience to create a lasting solution that everyone involved could believe in - one that builds on the positive aspects while reducing or eliminating the potential pitfalls.

The entire Orange Ruler program provides a fresh, uncompromising approach that is consistent in honoring the best interests of children. We hope you are as excited as we are in helping make a positive impact on something as important to all of us as our children and our schools.