Fundraising Without Compromise - Parents, Friends and Family

Investing in Something Bigger

In the spirit of supporting schools and their children, parents often end up buying products they don't want or need. We at Orange Ruler are here to offer a new choice that parents, friends and family can get behind - one that is so much more than a product alone. Our program creates positive experiences and memories for children, while fostering school spirit, building community and promoting an active lifestyle.

A Fundraiser in Harmony with Your Values

Like many of you, we believe that how the money is raised is just as important as the money itself. The Orange Ruler program was designed to not only raise money, but also to work in concert with the values and life lessons that parents teach their children. Teamwork, believing in yourself, giving to others and being active are the cornerstones to our approach. Unlike many other programs, these values are consistent throughout and not compromised for short term goals.

Your Time is Valuable

As a company founded by parents, we understand and appreciate how busy they can be. Our entire approach is based on streamlining the process and making it easy for parents, friends and family to support the students and school. We also know that many people will want to get more involved. We welcome their desire to support the team and as a community-oriented event, we encourage everyone to join the cause.