Fundraising Without Compromise - Children

All Children Participate

The Orange Ruler program ensures that each and every student is included and made to feel that they are a part of the team. All students attend the fun-filled kick-off assembly, receive an "I Always Measure Up!" wristband, a cool event race number and join in the community-oriented Fun Run.

Team-Oriented Prize System

Every fundraiser begins with encouraging participation and motivating students. With Orange Ruler, the key difference is how this is accomplished. We create an environment that encourages the children to look out for the interests of their teammates, be it their class, their grade, or their school as a whole. Because the prize system is based on team rewards, the excitement is geared toward the team doing well, not just the individual. As a result, the children focus on giving, working as a team and raising money for the good of their school.

Focus on Fitness

Our program offers a healthy alternative to traditional product fundraising. An emphasis on the importance of physical fitness and living an active lifestyle is a big part of the Orange Ruler experience. This value is reinforced throughout the two-week program, from the interactive assembly to the Fun Run itself.