Fundraising Without Compromise - Administrators, Parent Groups and Teachers

A Fundraiser Everyone Can Support

We understand how hard it is to find a fundraiser that balances raising money with supporting the needs of the school and community. The Orange Ruler Program specifically addresses this challenge by keeping the best interests of all vested parties in mind. Now you have an opportunity to raise critical funds without compromising long-term goals, such as putting children first, fostering school spirit and community, emphasizing teamwork and focusing on health and fitness.

Honoring Your Approach with Children

Teachers and administrators work hard all year making sure that each child feels included, has the opportunity to participate and is conscientious of other students. With traditional fundraisers, these important values are often unintentionally compromised for the sake of short-term monetary goals. The Orange Ruler program not only meets the school's financial needs, it's also designed to include all children, to focus on the good of the team versus the individual and to emphasize giving and thinking of others.

No Direct Classroom Interruption

We respect how valuable and important classroom time is.  Our program is designed to maximize results and provide positive encouragement while keeping the classroom environment free from unnecessary distractions and interruptions.