Why Orange Ruler?

“Putting Children First” and “Fundraising Without Compromise” are essential ways we differentiate ourselves from other educational fundraising programs.

With the current fundraising options available, schools and communities are often left feeling like they've had to compromise in one way or another in order to reach important financial goals. The Orange Ruler program was specifically designed to address this challenge. Not only do we help schools generate these much needed funds but our program consistently keeps the best interests of children and all vested parties in mind.

Putting Children First

We've developed a program that creates a positive experience for children as they help their school.

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Fundraising Without Compromise


Orange Ruler encourages children to participate, work as a team and stay active.

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Parents, Friends and Family

Feel good about supporting your child in a program that respects your values.

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Administrators, Parent Groups and Teachers

Our program helps your school raise money while honoring your approach with children.

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