Your Morning Orange Juice

Our customized online donation system makes it easy for everyone to get involved.

For Parents

Example of child details

The Orange Ruler donation system is a fun way for parents to manage their child's fundraising activities.

Once a child is enrolled, parents create a personal address book that they use to email donation requests. The donation requests are professionally designed and can be personalized with the child's picture.

The system can also be used to track a child's participation points and to see which classes are in the lead. Plus, parents can enroll more than one child, so keeping track of everybody's donations and participation can be done from a single account.

For Supporters

Example of a donation invite

Our system makes it easy for friends and family to offer their support using a secure online form. When supporters receive a donation request all they have to do is follow a link, enter the amount they would like to donate, and finalize their donation through a secure and trusted form. All online donations are credited to the children automatically so they can help their class win. Plus, if a supporter would like to pay by check the parents can easily enter it into the system so their children are credited.

For Schools

The donation system also makes it easy for teachers and administrators to keep up with the school's progress. A "Morning Orange Juice" email goes out to all staff who opt in, and summarizes the students' activities with a snapshot of current standings. Additionally, a robust reporting interface can be accessed at any time by authorized staff members, for up-to-the-minute results on how the program is performing.