Meet Orange Ruler

Orange Ruler is not only our company name, he's also our mascot.

As a fundraising company for children, we wanted to create a fun character that encourages children to stay active, and to believe in themselves and others. Orange Ruler is here to do just that – he's one friendly, awesome character!

The Orange Ruler Message

Our innovative approach comes directly from the two core themes that create the foundation of the Orange Ruler program:

"I Always Measure Up"

"I Always Measure Up" is a central theme of the Orange Ruler Program. There are obviously many differences among children and it’s good to appreciate those differences – our theme helps provide that friendly reminder that those differences aren't ever what truly measures them. As children continue to grow, and learn to believe in and value themselves and others, it’s important that they remember that they always measure up as a person.

"Dare to Be Orange"

"Dare to be Orange" is our call to action and is made up of two parts.  First, the Orange Ruler program encourages children to take care of themselves by being active, getting exercise and eating right.  Second, the program inspires children to make a positive impact on others and work together as a team, all while having fun along the way.