How We Work for You

The Orange Ruler solution was created from our 15 years of experience managing hundreds of fundraising programs for schools. We have learned what it takes to help you manage the complexities of putting on a successful program and accomplish your fundraising goals.

We Make It Fun

Having fun is a central theme of the Orange Ruler program. The students have a blast working together as a team, participating in our rewards program and trying to earn the highly coveted "Orange Ruler" traveling classroom mascot. By taking a team-based approach to fundraising, we encourage collaboration and a sense of camaraderie. In this way, all children get to join in the fun instead of just a select few. And in our program, having fun is not just limited to the children - everyone gets to enjoy the big Fun Run event as the students celebrate with their family, friends and teachers.

We Make It Easy

Anyone who has put on a large fundraiser knows it requires countless hours of work and that hundreds of details need to be figured out and managed. From start to finish, our entire program is specifically designed to remove these challenges and make it as easy as possible for you and your school. We bring our 15+ years of experience, expertise and best practices to your school to ensure a smooth and successful program. Our program also utilizes the latest technology to streamline the entire donation process with our completely customized online application. Because our team manages and accounts for the multiple details of the program, it frees up administrators, teachers and parents to focus on what’s most important, supporting and encouraging the children.

We Make It Profitable

The Orange Ruler program typically offers 10-20% higher precentages of profit versus traditional product fundraisers, like magazine, gift wrap and cookie dough sales. Also, our inclusive, team-based prize program leads to more children working together and taking part in the cause. In addition, we offer an online donation system that accepts credit cards and makes it easy for students to reach out to a larger number of potential donors. And because the fundraiser operates in the best interests of all parties, donors can feel good about supporting your cause. All these things lead to more participation, support, and donors, resulting in higher profits and overall satisfaction.