Our Program

The Orange Ruler program is unlike any other fundraising program you’ve experienced. Our solution balances your desire to make the program easy, fun and profitable, while still aligning with the best interests of children, parents and educators.

Orange Ruler delivers an exciting, team-focused fundraising program that culminates in the big Fun Run event. In addition to raising money, we emphasize the importance of being active, thinking of others, giving and believing in yourself. Throughout the two week program, we handle all the details while creating an overall experience that results in fun, lasting memories for everyone involved.

Program Overview

See how Orange Ruler helps your school raise money while encouraging children to work together as a team.

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How We Work for You

Orange Ruler is a full-service solution, designed to maximize both profits for your school and fun for your students.

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Meet Orange Ruler

See how our core values, "I Always Measure Up" and "Dare to Be Orange," influence our fundraising program.

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