Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Orange Ruler, they may be answered in the FAQs below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

+ Do all students participate in your program?

Yes. We love being able to offer a program that includes all students, as each child is an important part of the overall team. All children attend the entertaining school-wide assembly, receive the positive messages that are reinforced throughout the program, participate in the high-energy Fun Run and are given an Orange Ruler event race number and an "I Always Measure Up!" wristband.

+ Why is your prize structure team-based?

Our prize structure highlights the team, rather than the individual in order to motivate and reward behavior where children think about and help others. This is the essence of what fundraising is about, as well as what is encouraged within the classroom and at home during the school year. It was important for us to honor these approaches when creating our prize program by rewarding the team, be it the class, grade or school as opposed to just the individual.

+ What does “Fundraising Without Compromise” mean?

Our "Fundraising Without Compromise" approach is one of the most essential ways we differentiate ourselves from other educational fundraising programs. With the current fundraising offerings available, schools and communities often feel the need to compromise in one way or another in order to reach important financial goals. The Orange Ruler Program was specifically designed to address this challenge. Not only do we help schools generate critically needed funds, but our program consistently keeps the best interests of all vested parties in mind. Please click here to read more how this approach specifically impacts everyone involved.

+ What steps do you take to ensure that making an online donation is safe?

The security and safety of your information is very important to us. For your protection, Orange Ruler implements a number of safety measures, including web-standard encryption, responsible data storage processes, and partnerships with trusted merchants. The donation portion of our site is a secured page, as indicated by the padlock or unbroken key icon in the bottom right corner of your browser window. All transactions are handled by, one of the most trusted companies of its kind. Any personal information you submit to the site is transferred and stored using reliable encryption methods. Additionally, Orange Ruler does not retain any of your financial information; we merely save your name, donation amount, and email address, in order to send you a receipt. Orange Ruler does not use your information for any purpose other than what you authorize at the time of submission.

+ As a parent or guardian, where can I register my child, make a donation and create donation requests for friends and family?

The Orange Ruler Program includes a robust, web-based solution that allows you to easily accomplish all of this in one place. Just click the log-in button on the top right of this website and complete the quick registration process for your child. From there, you can easily make a donation and send donation requests to friends and family via Facebook and email. These requests to the potential donors will include a customized URL link for your child that they can click on to contribute to the cause for the school.

+ As a donor, where can I make a donation?

We have created an online donation system to ensure that all donations are securely credited to the child intended. The system allows the parent or guardian of the child to easily send out email and Facebook donation requests to friends and family. This request will include a specific link to a URL customized to each child. In the event that you did not receive the URL link, please send a request to the parent or guardian asking to support the child. You can also write a check payable to the school and send it to the parent or guardian.

+ How can our school participate in the Orange Ruler Program?

We greatly appreciate your interest in having the OrangeRuler program at your school. Please send an email to our sales team and an Orange Ruler representative will get back with you shortly.