About Us


Thank you for taking the time to come by and learn more about Orange Ruler.  Even though our company is new, we’re not new to the fundraising industry. We have over 15 years of educational fundraising experience having managed hundreds of programs and raised over $10 million for schools.
Knowing that we wanted to build upon that experience and create a new offering for school fundraising, we invested countless hours discussing multiple approaches we could take.  We also reached out to parents, teachers and educators for their feedback on these ideas and their insights were invaluable.  The more we thought about wanting to help make a positive impact, the more it became clear that a fundraising program was needed that was in line with the best interests of everyone involved.  The result is what we believe to be one of our biggest differentiators, our “Fundraising Without Compromise” approach.
As parents ourselves, building a program that encourages children was also very important to us.  "I Always Measure Up" and "Dare to Be Orange" influence our fundraising program throughout by reminding children to believe in themselves, be active, think about others and work together as a team.  These supportive messages, which honor the values of parents and teachers alike, help provide the cornerstones of our program.
We're excited to provide a school fundraising program the way it was meant to be – one that delivers high profits and value without the need for compromise.
Welcome to Orange Ruler.
Chris Eastwood and Alex Briele